Director Mike Gunther Talks Lenses, Digital And Action

Hollywood – Director Mike Gunther took time out from his duties on Paramount’s Transformer’s action franchise spinoff “Bumblebee” to answer some quick questions he’s received from fans on film making.

On whether of not he’d ever consider shooting in Black and White:

“Yes, I think it would be very cool. The market is not at all friendly to features in Black and White. You’re looking more at an art house type release, rather than a mainstream feature. But who knows?”

His preferences for lenses:

“A long lens makes everything pretty. I would prefer mainly to shoot on long lenses. It is very much more of a dynamic feel to shoot action on a long lens. 75mm – 85mm is the sweet spot for me.”

Does he prefer film or digital?

“If I had the budget, I’d shoot film. Digital looks great, it is getting much, much better. You certainly have a lot insurance to get the shot and increase your coverage – but I just love the old school look and feel of film.”

And lastly, does he prefer shooting his own shots or working with a DP?

“I like shooting my own shots. When it comes to action I’d much rather shoot it myself because I know where the next punch or move is going to be. I know the dynamic of the sequence.”

Bumblebee is scheduled for a summer 2018 release. Mike Gunther will be directing the action trilogy “Rogue Warfare” after he completes production on the Transformer’s spinoff.

Paramount Taps Mike Gunther For “BumbleBee”

Hollywood – Paramount has brought in Mike Gunther to design and execute the action for it’s Transformers franchise spinoff “Bumblebee”, based on the popular yellow and black painted autobot character.

Gunther has been an integral part of the worldwide box office mega-success of the popular franchise and his action expertise is the reason Paramount turned to him to see this project brought to fruition.

“We’re trying to please the Transformers fans” Gunther says, “But gear it for a younger franchise audience.”

Director Mike Gunther has just recently wrapped several projects as well as announcing the start of pre-production on a trilogy of features under the “Rogue Warfare” title.