Director Mike Gunther’s “Rogue Warfare” Finishing Post

Hollywood – Director Mike Gunther’s highly anticipated action trilogy “Rogue Warfare” is in the last stages of post-production. The buzz is building about the upcoming action-fest starring Stephen Lang, Will Yun Lee and Chris Mulkey to be released in spring 2019.

Mike Gunther directing Will Yun Lee and Essam Ferris in a scene from Rogue Warfare

Set in a War-Torn Middle East

Detailing the mission to take out an exceptionally violent terrorist movement by an elite group of Special Forces soldiers recruited from around the world. The film is set in a battleground wearily familiar to all – the Middle East.

Having just come off of Paramount’s hugely successful “Bumblebee“, the desert war series also offers a different set of challenges for the veteran man of action.

“The movie has almost zero CGI effects in it. It’s all practical action,” Gunther adds, “And I think the grittiness of the desert lends itself perfectly to that. The story and action is as hard as the landscape.”

Relevant And Timeless

The director also acknowledges the fact the various desert conflicts have been in the news for decades now.

“Yes, of course. The seemingly endless war over there has been in the news for the last twenty years,” Gunther says, “So, the story is both familiar and relevant to audiences today at the same time. The challenge is to keep it fresh and I think we’ve done that.”

Set For Early 2019 Release

The first installment of the action trilogy will be released world-wide in spring of 2019 and has already begun generating a ground-swell among action aficionados. Be sure to be on the look-out for “Rogue Warfare”.

(It should be noted that “Rogue Warfare” was also produced and designed by Gunther’s own production company 5150 Action. A “go to” action company employed by the majors for all their blockbuster films of the last fifteen years.)

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Director Mike Gunther on Action

Hollywood – In town working on Paramount’s “Bumblebee”, a new entry into the massively successful Transformer’s franchise, Mike Gunther sat down and shared some thoughts on his approach to action design:

On action in general – “It has to fit the story, the tone of the film. Cartoon or serious? The action has to flow within the film’s approach both visually and in intensity.”

On fight scenes – “It has to tell a story within the action, it shouldn’t be just a bunch of signature moves strung together. It should be like music, a melody, beginning middle and end. Rhythm and pacing to it. Depending on the genre, if it is comic I go for more comic book moves, if serious, a more street and down and dirty feel/look. It always has to fit the tone of the script.”

Mike Gunther is one of the industry’s top action directors and designers. With worldwide grosses on productions he has been responsible for approaching over $3 billion dollar’s in revenue, there’s a reason all the major studios turn to him to design and provide the jaw-dropping action fueling their flagship franchises.

Director Mike Gunther on Today’s Independent Film

Hollywood – In town working on Paramount’s Transformers spin-off “Bumblebee”, Director Mike Gunther sat down to give a few thoughts on the state of today’s independent film, something he is encountering while prepping his indie trilogy “Rogue Warfare”.

“As always, a good story is a good story,” he says, “which is the most important thing because today a big star does not guarantee a big opening. Look at the current box office. And audiences are still into small films even if the major’s are not.”

And what does he find the hardest thing about launching an independent film to be?

“The money. Always the money. Financiers still want that big star and almost don’t seem to care about the concept. So you have the money people who want the star, and the audience who just want a good story. But it can be done (getting independent financing) it just takes an enormous effort and belief in your project.”

“Rogue Warfare” is set to begin production spring of 2018 with two other titles to follow.

Mike Gunther Wraps “Jack Ryan”

Hollywood – Director Mike Gunther has wrapped his action design contribution to the season finale of Paramount / Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” series starring John Krasinski, based on the popular Tom Clancy CIA character.

Brought on board to add his industry-wide acclaimed brand of high octane action by helming 2nd Unit, Gunther defines his approach on the project by saying  “Jack Ryan is a highly-intelligent character, so we’re trying to keep the action gritty, yet smart as well.”

Returning to Los Angeles, Mike Gunther is already prepping Paramount’s Transformers spin-off “Bumblebee” as well as finalizing in his participation in the upcoming feature trilogy “Rogue Warfare”, which he is set to produce and direct.