Paramount Taps Mike Gunther For “BumbleBee”

Hollywood – Paramount has brought in Mike Gunther to design and execute the action for it’s Transformers franchise spinoff “Bumblebee”, based on the popular yellow and black painted autobot character.

Gunther has been an integral part of the worldwide box office mega-success of the popular franchise and his action expertise is the reason Paramount turned to him to see this project brought to fruition.

“We’re trying to please the Transformers fans” Gunther says, “But gear it for a younger franchise audience.”

Director Mike Gunther has just recently wrapped several projects as well as announcing the start of pre-production on a trilogy of features under the “Rogue Warfare” title.

Mike Gunther Wraps “Jack Ryan”

Hollywood – Director Mike Gunther has wrapped his action design contribution to the season finale of Paramount / Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” series starring John Krasinski, based on the popular Tom Clancy CIA character.

Brought on board to add his industry-wide acclaimed brand of high octane action by helming 2nd Unit, Gunther defines his approach on the project by saying  “Jack Ryan is a highly-intelligent character, so we’re trying to keep the action gritty, yet smart as well.”

Returning to Los Angeles, Mike Gunther is already prepping Paramount’s Transformers spin-off “Bumblebee” as well as finalizing in his participation in the upcoming feature trilogy “Rogue Warfare”, which he is set to produce and direct.

Rogue Warfare In Final Talks

Director Mike Gunther is in final talks to finish the financing on a new action trilogy entitled “Rogue Warfare” set to lens in spring of 2018. The action series stars actors Sung Kang and Steven Lang, with others to be announced. Stay tuned-

UPDATE: “Rogue Warfare” hits theaters Oct.4, 2019!




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