Having crafted mind-blowing action sequences for some of the biggest hits and franchises in Hollywood history, Director Mike Gunther is preparing a new slate of films that will give the word “action” a whole new meaning!

Over $3 Billion in Worldwide Box Office

Action sells! Director Mike Gunther is the man behind some of the biggest box office action hits and with a combined worldwide tally of over $3 BILLION dollars audiences and major studios know the real thing.


Having a resume in Hollywood that includes some of the biggest action features and franchises, Director Mike Gunther’s talents are legendary. When the major studios want mind-blowing action, they make the call.


Director Mike Gunther Talks Lenses, Digital And Action

Hollywood – Director Mike Gunther took time out from his duties on Paramount’s Transformer’s action franchise spinoff “Bumblebee” to answer some quick questions he’s received from fans on film making. On whether of not he’d ever consider shooting in Black and White: “Yes, I think it would be very cool. The market is not at …

Director Mike Gunther on Today’s Independent Film

Hollywood – In town working on Paramount’s Transformers spin-off “Bumblebee”, Director Mike Gunther sat down to give a few thoughts on the state of today’s independent film, something he is encountering while prepping his indie trilogy “Rogue Warfare”. “As always, a good story is a good story,” he says, “which is the most important thing …


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